Architectural Restructuring

Homes and buildings have been constructed in different ways throughout history. This is the case for a wide variety of reasons and represents the physical history of architecture itself. The reasons for varying types of architecture throughout history ranges between the materials available to build with, the climate of the area, the number of people who could work on the home or building and the amount of wealth the people who were overseeing the project had to work with. Size of the individuals who would be using the space also var-ied greatly, leading to a wide variety of different architectural shapes, styles and themes from all over the world. Old, historical houses give a vintage feel, almost as if you are walking back through time and culture.

Today, there are still these differences, though a more widely recognized uniform way of moving within a house or building makes some of these historical homes and buildings from human history awkward or un-comfortable to spend time in. As people still want to use these buildings or live in these homes, something called architectural restructuring occurs, in which the elements of the building or home are changed, while the history and basic structure is preserved. In addition, over time homes can become dilapidated and run down. Restructuring can also help these homes stay in good condition.
Overall, restructuring keeps old buildings in good and modern condition, allowing them to be both historical and functional. This site gives the basic details of this process, as well as examples of homes or buildings where this may occur.

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